The Bodhicittavivarana


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The Bodhicittavivarana

About this book

Nāgārjuna’s Bodhicittavivaraṇa is a seminal work rooted in the Guhyasamāja Tantra which presents incrementally and critically the philosophical systems of all 4 Buddhist schools of tenets in matchless, albeit arcane, verse culminating in a presentation of the Madhyamaka-Prāsaṇgika view of emptiness. Its publication, in conjunction with an exceedingly rare 14th century commentary, Ngawang dragpa’s ‘Garland of Jewels’, as well as the oral commentary of the lineage holder of the Tripiûaka, Khensur Kangyur sets it at the confluence of the scriptural, commentarial and experiential traditions for which the Tibetan Buddhist tradition is justly famous.

The Bodhicittavivarana by Nagarjuna with the interwoven commentary of Ngawang dragpa and the oral comentary of Khensur Kangyur Lobsang thubten. (Translated by Ilia Durovic)

This text is available for free in epub and Kindle mobi formats.
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