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Volunteers on the project

Jamgon Publishing is staffed by volunteers and is funded by donations.

Jamgon Publications is dedicated to the preservation and publication, in bilingual Tibetan-English editions, of the works of one of the pre-eminent representatives of that tradition, Khensur Kangyur Lobsang Thubten.

“The Bodhicittavivaraṇa” by Nāgārjuna was Translated by Ilia Durovic

Transcription os the oral commentary was produced by members of the Tibetan Buddhist Institute transcription committee. Editing of the preliminary transcripts by Malvin Artley and Adrienne Barkla. Tibetan text transcription by Shaya Nettle. Proof reading by Mollie Braybrook. Typeset by Shana Licia and Ralf Zurbruegg. Cover design by Karl Larsen and Ralf Zurbruegg.

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